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aren't you tired of overpaying your taxes?
According to Forbes, More than 9 Out Of 10 Business Owners
Overpay their Taxes
Learn Proven, Simple-To-Implement, Tested-In-The-Trenches
Tools, Techniques, and Strategies that
You Can Start Putting Into Practice Immediately After We Cover Them In The Challenge.
This exclusive Challenge is for freedom-loving, family-focused business owners who are regularly generating more than $500,000 per year in revenue. Join us and we guarantee that we'll help you to uncover At Least 5-Figures of Tax Savings. If we don't, you don't pay. You read that correctly. What are you waiting for?


Edward Collins speaking with attendees at a business conference.
Edward Collins has been an entrepreneur since the summer following his second grade in school. You read that correctly. Though, that's a story for another day. The question that you likely want answered right now, however, is why should I invest my time with this guy over five days. Well, the simple answer is that it's absolutely worth it.

For more than twenty year's, while building and scaling businesses of his own, Edward has also been working one on one with business owners across the country helping them to develop Mastery over their Mindset, Money, and Momentum. His goal, with everyone that he serves, is to help them create, and best yet, keep what he refers to as Real Wealth.

Four of Edward's seven businesses focus on adding value to freedom-loving, family focused entrepreneurs. Why, because that is who he is at his core and that is who he resonates with the most. So he has made a deliberate decision to focus on this specific subset of business owners.

Edward believes firmly in the life-long pursuit of education. He's been studying wealth and what it takes to create and keep it for over twenty years. He started his first financial planning practice in 1998 and it has grown and evolved over the past twenty-three years to now serve clients in 27 states across the country. His commitment to constantly adding to his library of life lead him to the decision to earn a law degree, and that was after he already founded three of his companies.

Specializing in Tax Planning and Generational Wealth Building Strategies for Entrepreneurs, Edward has expertly designed this short-cut to uncovering at least five figures in tax savings in just five days. Why should you invest your time with him in this Challenge? Well, his clients pay him $1,000 per hour just to hear what he has to say. You're getting access to him and his crazy mind for a fraction of that investment. And these five days could, quite simply, change your life.
You're about to discover the Tools, Techniques, and Strategies that Edward Collins has cultivated and curated during his more than 20 years of helping one business owner at a time to develop Mastery over Mindset, Money, and Momentum.  Helping them to not only create, and best yet keep, Real Wealth.

Day 1: Mastery Over Mindset, Money & Momentum - An Overview 

On day one, we lay the foundations for uncovering at least five figures of tax savings. Our adventure begins with an overview of how mindset, money, and momentum all play a roll in your Journey of Success. Then we'll start to break down the tools, techniques, and strategies that we'll be covering in the days ahead.

Day 2: Unlocking Your Tax Return & Predictable Profit - Chapter 2

Come well rested, because this is a powerhouse of a day!

"There's gold in them thar hills." Sure, Mark Twain may have had something completely different in mind, but the truth is that you've likely left some considerable amounts on the table in your most recent tax return filing. So we're going to spend some time identifying two of the most common areas entrepreneurs overlook with regard to savings opportunity when filing their tax returns each year.

In his upcoming book, Predictable Profit, Edward Collins maps out a strategy for helping business owners develop Mastery over their Mindset, Money, and Momentum helping to take them to new heights in business and in life. Chapter 2 begins to set the stage for entrepreneurs to Keep more of what they work so hard to create. During this session, we'll dive into some of the key tools, techniques, and strategies that will be included in this Chapter.

Day 3: Predictable Profit - Chapter 3

Chapter 3 of Predictable Profit will be packed with some of the easiest to implement tax savings methods available to entrepreneurs. During this session, we'll dive into three that you'll absolutely not want to miss.

Day 4: Predictable Profit - Chapter 4

Today's education system is severely lacking when it comes to financial literacy. We are going to teach you the Truth about money that every Entrepreneur must know. Then we'll give you easy to follow Real Wealth Wisdom principals for life.

Day 5: Putting It All Together - Real Profit By Design

On Day 5 we wrap up our time together with some extremely valuable additional tips, and really start to put together all that we've covered in this Challenge -- weaving it into an integrated strategy. We're also going to lay out the opportunity for you to truly UPLEVEL your business and your life.

What if you could materially improve your financial future by investing 5 hours with someone who has been helping business owners to create and keep Real Wealth for more than 20 years?
what if we told you that we are GUARANTEEING that we'll help you uncover at least 5 figures of tax savings after just 5 days together? 



We trust our strategies so much that we have developed an UNBEATABLE GUARANTEE. You see ... we get it. We've all invested at some point into a training or workshop and, far too often, we've been left wanting at the end. The value just wasn't there, or the presenter just didn't fully deliver on the promise.

So, here's our promise to you. If you join us live for the 5-Figure Income Tax Reduction Challenge, and you participate in each session over the 5 days that we'll invest together, and you do the homework ... 

After investing your time, effort, and energy, if by the end of the Challenge we do not help you to uncover at least 5-figures of a potential tax savings, benefiting you, your business, and your family, THERE IS ZERO RISK ON YOUR PART. How can this be?

Well, you don't pay until after the Challenge is over. WHAT? You read that correctly. You register today, you attend each session live, you participate in the interactive learning experience, you do the homework, and if we do not deliver on our promise, you don't pay.

We've kept it simple, clear, and direct. So there's no need for any fancy, convoluted legalese. Oh, did we mention, Edward is a lawyer by the way.

Time-sensitive: This Challenge is normally offered at $997, BUT FOR LIMITED TIME, we've replaced the first "9" with a "4" and are literally giving it away for just $497! That's a $500 Savings!!
Going LIVE Feb 2022
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Everything You Will Receive:

  • ​Unlocking Your Tax Return - Training - $1,997
  • Predictable Profit - Chapter 2 Live Training - $3,283 
  • Predictable Profit - Chapter 3 Live Training - $3,325
  • Predictable Profit - Chapter 4 Live Training - $3,395
  • 1 Year Unlimited Access To Our Freedom-Loving Entrepreneur Community - $2,997
And we're not even counting any tax savings uncovered this year and for each year going forward.

Still Have Questions? Here Are Some Answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Who is this Challenge for?

This Challenge is specifically crafted to add the most value to business owners who are regularly generating over $500,000 per year in revenue. The perfect attendee is someone who knows that in life there's no such thing as a "free lunch." So an understanding that it's going to take some effort and energy on your part is a must. The worksheets are great, but if they just sit around collecting dust and you allow yourself to be distracted during our time together instead of you participating fully in the interactive learning experience, your time is likely to be best invested elsewhere.

Q:  What time does the Challenge take place each day?

General Admission Pass Holders get to participate live in the event from 11:00am to 12:00pm each day of the Challenge. VIP/Back Stage Pass Holders get an extended hour of additional deep-dive training as well as some questions and answers regarding the topics covered each day.

Q:  What's the investment for this Challenge?

General Admission Passes are regularly $997. For now, we've discounted that investment by $500 to just $497. This is the lowest this particular Challenge will ever be offered for and there are no additional discount codes or coupons available anywhere online for this Challenge. The only direction the price could ever go from here is up. We certify that it will never go down from this price. The greater risk, however, is that time will continue to march on and every day that you delay you could be sacrificing tax savings opportunities.

Q:  Is the Challenge going to be a live event?

Yes, each day of the Challenge will be delivered live. Recordings will not be available to you after the Challenge has concluded. Each attendee is expected to show up live and to fully participate in this life changing, business impacting, interactive learning experience.

Q:  Will I get direct feedback from Edward?

Maybe. VIP Pass Holders will have an opportunity for an extended deep-dive training into each day's topics along with an exclusive Q&A session.


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